How to Learn to Paint

This year has been filled with unexpected twists. Some of them good, some of them just unexpected. One of those things was discovering that I enjoyed painting back in September. Who ever would have guessed?

Since the first time in the studio, I’ve only done a few paintings. I have all of the supplies here, but the couple of things that I’ve made on my own have revealed something important: I’m still inexperienced and could use some direction.

There are Hobbit holes and paintings of my cat dancing through my head, but when I actually sit down to put brush to canvas, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing.

That’s where my husband and a well-researched present comes in.


For me, imitation is still the name of the game, so this book seems to be the right start. Each painting focuses on a technique and shows how to create it yourself step-by-step. I think it’s just what I need at this point.

Do you have a favorite how-to book for something you enjoy doing? If you’re an artist, do you have any tips for learning to paint?


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