2017 Writing Goals

2016 was a productive year in different ways than I anticipated. That means that the goals I set out early in 2016 aren’t quite accomplished, but plenty of things still got done.

Finish a solid draft of the steampunk/fantasy/sci-fi novel
Not so much. The mid-year stall set me way behind, but NaNoWriMo helped make up for lost time by adding a new section that didn’t exist before. It’s a worthwhile addition that’s challenged the main story itself in good ways, so while the draft isn’t done like I had hoped for, it’s in a better place than it was before.

Find some writing competitions and submit some works
Again, not so much. Actually, I didn’t really touch this one at all. With the novel floundering, most of my attention was focused on it or on the blog, so this goal fell by the wayside. There’s always next year, though.

Blog at least weekly but aim for three times a week
With only a few exceptions, mission accomplished here. Considering how inconsistent I’ve been in the past, this is really good.

So what about 2017?

Well, here are the writing goals I’d like to focus on:

  • Continue to blog at least weekly, but aim for three times a week
  • Complete a draft of the novel
  • Read more books

Last year was about perseveranceĀ (and I needed it). This year’s motto is finish the fight.

What are your goals for 2017? Do you lay out specific goals or do you have another method to keep yourself accountable?


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