Rip It, Write It, Draw It: Cactus

The theme is cactus, yet somehow everything always takes a sharp turn towards cats. Maybe I really am obsessed.


In case the story above is too small to read clearly (which it probably is), here it is:

Once upon a time, there was a cactus. It sat in a sunny dining room window. From there, it watched the world. It watched the cars and people who passed down the sidewalk. It watched the family in whose house it lived and who always watered it just the right amount. But it especially liked to watch the cat. The cat was a strange creature that liked to spend its time up high, like the cactus. But unlike the cactus, it never minded its own business. It climbed on everything (even the counters when the family wasn’t looking), it chewed on the curtains, and it knocked things over. The cactus dreaded the cat coming onto its shelf.

One day, though, that’s exactly what happened. With an unexpectedly graceful leap, the cat landed right beside the cactus. Since this creature seemed to defy all the laws of physics, the cactus expected the cat might try to eat it and dreaded that it might succeed. Instead, the cat nestled in closer than anything had to the cactus, started purring, and watched the world go by.


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