Reading Beyond Tolkien

I’m not the biggest New Years Resolutions person, but I do have a couple of goals that I’d like to start this year. One of them is reading more books.

So far, I’m off to a good start. I finished one book between Christmas break and the start of the New Year and since then have read…

  • Two comic-ish books (Simon’s Cat and another that has to do with cats… not a lot of words, but they still count, right?)
  • Half of a book (before deciding I really didn’t like it that much and accidentally losing it at the gym… I promise it was an accident!)
  • The beginning of The Jungle Book (which I intend to finish, unlike the last one)

It’s more than I’ve read in such a short time in a long time. This isn’t to say that I haven’t been reading, but the Brandon Sanderson books deserve to be counted as four or five books each!

While I’ve been working through my want-t0-read list, an idea hit me. I have a beloved Inklings t-shirt that I got for my birthday, but I haven’t actually read anything by most of the Inklings.


Tolkien and Lewis have always been part of my repertoire, and I picked a Roger Lancelyn Green book for my 7th graders in part just because he was an Inkling. (It’s a great version of King Arthur anyways.) I’ve borrowed one book by George MacDonald, a fantasy pioneer who influenced Tolkien and Lewis (and, random fact, was Lewis Carroll’s mentor). That’s about it.

So it’s time for a new reading adventure. Time to check out some of Tolkien and Lewis’ biggest influences and the works of their friends.

Have you read books by any of the Inklings? Have you ever chosen to read books based on a similar theme?


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