Happy Birthday, Robert Burns!

We celebrate plenty of random authors’ birthdays, and Robert Burns’ birthday is one of my favorites. It’s a great day to celebrate my Scottish heritage with Scottish food and Scottish poetry (if you’ve never read “To a Louse,” you haven’t lived). Unfortunately, we don’t have a caber out back, but if we did, we’d celebrate by tossing it.

Years ago, I wanted to learn highland dancing. In the days before Internet, it was hard to do from a book. Fortunately, though, it looks like the t-rexes have it covered.


So here’s to a great poet who everyone knows but probably doesn’t realize they know. Next time you hear “Auld Lang Syne,” remember that he’s the one who wrote it.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Robert Burns!

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    “So here’s to a great poet who everyone knows but probably doesn’t realize they know.”

    True, I guess, since I’d never read a poem of his, as far as I can remember, until I followed the link to “To a Louse,” but my characters have quoted him twice.

    One quoted that poem, as it turns out. saying, “Oh would some power the giftie gie us,” which I think I got from my father.

    The other quoted her father, saying, “You can break the glass, but you can’t hold back the weather,” which I got from the movie Casino Royale.

    • S.B. Roberts

      How funny. It’s funny how things like that happen. I was mostly exposed because of my Scottish heritage and, I believe, my great-grandfather’s affinity towards poetry. If I remember correctly, he always liked Robert Burns.

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