Adventures in Art: The Deep Blue Sea

There’s nothing like a lazy, cold afternoon for doing something creative. On Saturday, painting was just the thing.


“Deep Blue Sea” by SB Roberts

This time, I chose the fourth painting lesson in the book I’ve been using. This was my first experience blending different shades to make a gradient. Using acrylics means moving fast, especially to make sure that the colors come out even. Fortunately, since the gradient is water in the picture, the texture and occasional imperfections actually add to the final product, in my opinion, since they end up looking like waves.

The clouds and the breaking wave by the shore are both unpainted spots. It felt weird to leave things alone, but there’s no worrying that the white won’t be bright enough against the colors.

The real challenge came with not having colors that the book recommended. I have a set with just six basic colors since most colors can be created from mixing those.

When the instructions called for a bright, more turquois blue to be close to the shore, I had to improvise. I mixed white and the cobalt blue to create a light blue then added a smidge of green. It didn’t quite make the shade that I was hoping for, but I liked the end result.

The harder one, though, is that I didn’t have the right color for the sand. The initial mixture of bright yellow and white made something that looked like butter. It was bad. With the smallest dab of black and a ton of mixing, though, it eventually took the shade of wet sand.

Next time, I think I’ll experiment with making the water more green, like I’ve seen during a few different vacations in the Gulf of Mexico over the years. I have some great pictures that I can use for inspiration.


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