Back to the Beginning Again (or, Returning to Novel #1)

After deciding that the steampunk/fantasy/sci-fi novel needed some time to simmer, I spent a little time trying to decide where to head next. However, the answer was a bit inevitable. It’s time to return to the world of Carrick that I’ve been working on since middle school.

The latest draft was version 9 (with at least fifty saved drafts between all of the versions… never mind the early ones I deleted years ago), so I opened it up and started reading to get my bearings again.

I expected plenty of cringing. After all, this story has sat for two years, and I’m just used to that. However, this has been an unusual experience. The more I read, the more I’m impressed with what’s on the page.

I can’t remember if I had intentions of adding more to the story the last time I worked on it — adding supplementary story between the characteristic letters that the story has been made up of all along. I thought about adding some third person parts to expound on the story. Now, though, I’m not so sure. Is it better as a group of letters or does it need more?

I suppose the only way to know is to finish reading the draft and then start experimenting from there. I’m just glad that I’m still happy with it 25 pages in.

Have you ever tried mixing POV’s (first and third person) before? Have you read stories that do? Or do you prefer sticking to one POV?


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