Adventures in Art: Daily Bread (or, The Doubleheader)

Burnt sienna has arrived, which means I have a new world of possibilities at my fingertips.

This weekend, I decided to go back to the first lesson that required the color: bread with butter. I had every intention of just painting it, but my weekend soon turned into a doubleheader.

Evidently, I haven’t really talked about painting, so even close family didn’t know that I was doing it. When my mom saw the poppy, she decided she wanted one of her own. Needless to say, I enjoyed playing with those colors and shapes again.


The bread and butter was deceivingly simple. After the other things that I’ve done, I knew that there was more than met the eye. It played with two main techniques: adding an acrylic medium to make a glaze and more work with shadows.

Using an acrylic medium was an interesting experience. The whole canvas was originally the unbleached titanium that is visible in the background. The slice of bread is white thanks to a mix of acrylic medium and a smidge of white paint. I think I initially added a little too much white paint because it muddied the edges of the butter, so I painted back over the butter with more yellow. (Admittedly, a little too bright of a yellow, but it gives it a bit of a stylized look.) It wasn’t the smoothest first round, but I think I have a better feel for what to do next time.

Playing with shadows was fascinating. It took otherwise boring lines and gave it oomph. The grey on the edge of the butter was an early step and gave me a feel for which way the light was coming. The burnt sienna mixed with black on the edges of the bread is what really made it. The lines ended up a little thicker than I was anticipating, but I think it gives it character. The original in the lesson didn’t have any extra shadow on the right side, but it felt natural with the way mine ended up. And I went a little crazy with the paint on that side anyways, so it hides that.

So there it is. The doubleheader of a weekend. I think the next lesson is called “Misty Mountains.” Maybe I’ll add some details of my own to give it some more Middle-earth flare.


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