Why I Believe in the Oxford Comma and a Tidbit on Van Gogh

Today’s post feels very random, but these two links are too fascinating to pass up so why not post them together?

The first is on the importance of the Oxford comma. While some prefer to drop it (and I don’t judge), I prefer to use it for its clarity. As it turns out, the use of the comma has been helpful to some dairy drivers get overtime pay. Read more about that here. (Warning and apology: There’s a smidge of language in it.)

The second is about the Impressionists, specifically Van Gogh. If you thought “Starry Night” was a cool painting before, you’ll never be able to think of it quite the same way. It appears to capture fluid dynamics in action. Read that article here.

And since the video mentioned in the article isn’t linked, it’s here.


What do you think of the Oxford comma? Are you a fan of “Starry Night”?


2 responses to “Why I Believe in the Oxford Comma and a Tidbit on Van Gogh

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Not much of an opinion on “Starry Night” (or most paintings, for that matter), but I am very much in favor of the serial (AKA “Oxford”) comma.

    I’ve never seen a persuasive argument against it, in fact, other than a sort of vague “in some situations it doesn’t help.” Which is true, but in some situations it helps a lot, and I’d rather use it all the time rather than have to analyze every single instance to see what the possible misinterpretations could be.

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