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A-Z Challenge: Yclept

(A continuation of A-Z Challenge: Worn.)

It hadn’t taken long for her eyes to adjust to the constant darkness of the Wilds, but her heart raced just as fast as when she first stepped foot into the forest.

Everyone knew the stories about this place. Here, wild monsters lurk behind every shadow and time itself bleeds away. She had always hoped that they were just myths, but the crunch of nearby footsteps and uncertainty of the hour confirmed that it must be true.

She gathered all of her courage and pressed on, sword clenched tightly in her hand. She had to. She was her people’s last hope.

There were footsteps to her left, louder than any she had heard yet. She stopped and peered into the darkness. At first, she couldn’t see anything. Then, between the silhouette of trees, she made out a light. A torch was headed her way.

She gripped the hilt firmly with both hands now. Her mind raced. The torch and its bearer were getting closer now. Clearly, her presence was already known. There was no point in running, and even if she did, losing the path would mean the end of the quest and likely her own life.

Finally, the person stood within clear view, for a person indeed it was. The light bothered her eyes more than she expected, but she could plainly make out the man donning hunting gear.

“Who are you?” she asked, tightening her grip with her sweaty hands.

“Sorry, miss,” he replied with a bow. “Didn’t mean to scare you. I’m a hunter yclept Theron. Who are you?”


A-Z Challenge: Xenomania (A Poem)

Quiet dinner with my husband
on a perfect spring evening.
We sit along the sidewalk
to people watch over soup.
He refills drinks inside and I watch
the girls at the next table.
Over the chatter, familiar sounds
catch my ears. I listen carefully
to the melodic French flitting
between them and try
not to make eye contact.
One is disgusted with a Facebook post,
the other agrees. All the while,
I smile. I wonder if they guess
that the girl sitting at the next table
actually knows what they’re saying.

A-Z Challenge: Worn

(Based on a writing prompt I found on Pinterest.)

She stared down at her worn boots nervously; she never thought her training would be used for this. The Wilds were the most dangerous place in the world. Like every princess, she had been trained with some combat and survival skills, but to survive in there? Alone?

“No one will follow you that way,” her father had said as he eased the full pack onto her shoulders. “They will expect you to take the East Road. You will reach the Well a full three days ahead of them. That is all that matters.”

That is all that matters. It was little comfort now that she stood on the edge of the dense forest covered in a thick canopy. Behind her, most of the city burned. Only the castle remained — with her parents and the few knights who were left in it. She was their only hope.

She drew her short sword and a deep breath before plunging into the darkness, one worn boot after the other.

A-Z Challenge: Vacation (A Poem)

Dreams of white sand beaches
and foggy mountain peaks,
bustling ancient cities
and bistro table-lined streets,
silent ruins filled with stories
and gardens bustling with life,
as I sit in front of a computer
waiting for summer to come.

A-Z Challenge: Unfinished (A Poem)

Unfinished stories lay everywhere,
in notebooks, on the computer, in my mind.
So many ideas brewing like a cup
of Darjeeling, until the flavor
is just right. Stories are like
fine wine that grows better with age.
So many lay unfinished now, but
at just the right time, they will come to life.

A-Z Challenge: Tea (A Poem)


Hot tea warms everything
Hands, soul, imagination
Sweet soother filled with
Spices, a touch of honey, memories
Perfect companion for
Peaceful afternoons.

A-Z Challenge: Silence (And Happy Impossible Astronaut Day!)

Tally marks drawn on
Arms, hands, faces, everything
Where did they come from?


Happy Impossible Astronaut Day!

Today, Whovians around the world draw tally marks on themselves to commemorate the airing arguably one of the best episodes. Why? Well, because of the Silence and the tally marks that the characters in the show draw on themselves to remember.

It’s complicated to explain without watching the episode (entitled, appropriately, “The Impossible Astronaut”), so my recommendation is to check out season 6 of Dr. Who. Or read the spoilers, I suppose.