Daily Archives: April 10, 2017

A-Z Challenge: Fire


Flames hold trees hostage
and choke everything with jet smoke.
Firefighters rush forward undaunted.

Smoke follows refugees
holding small bags
that may contain
the last of their belongings.

Dark plumes loom overhead
while we watch and wonder
what is happening at home.

Return home again
to see what the fire has left.
Trees charred to their waists
with leaves above still green.
Smoldering fence posts
still try to hold up the wires.
Lost flames illuminate
the darkness and ashes.
But the house and its memories
still stand untouched.

These poems are inspired by recent events. Family was caught in the crosshairs of a large wildfire, and our nearby home became their haven and our family’s headquarters while we waited. Fortunately, all is well now, thanks to the brave firefighters and police who ensured everyone was safely evacuated and that not a single house was lost.