A-Z Challenge: Worn

(Based on a writing prompt I found on Pinterest.)

She stared down at her worn boots nervously; she never thought her training would be used for this. The Wilds were the most dangerous place in the world. Like every princess, she had been trained with some combat and survival skills, but to survive in there? Alone?

“No one will follow you that way,” her father had said as he eased the full pack onto her shoulders. “They will expect you to take the East Road. You will reach the Well a full three days ahead of them. That is all that matters.”

That is all that matters. It was little comfort now that she stood on the edge of the dense forest covered in a thick canopy. Behind her, most of the city burned. Only the castle remained — with her parents and the few knights who were left in it. She was their only hope.

She drew her short sword and a deep breath before plunging into the darkness, one worn boot after the other.


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