Adventures in Art: Sail Away

It’s been much too long since the last painting. After several busy weekends, I finally found some time to grab my basket of supplies from the closet and choose a new lesson in the painting book.

WP_20170703_09_21_55_Pro (2)

This lesson focused on creating reflections. Looking at the final product in the book, it seemed like a difficult task, but the instructions took everything slowly enough that it wasn’t hard to grasp what to do next. That’s one thing I’ve really liked about it.

One of the most important things about the reflection is actually repeating the same colors and shapes in the water. While that wasn’t too tricky with the sails, it was when it came to the hull of the ship. I went back over it a few times before finding the right mix.

That’s one of the fun things about painting, though, and it makes me think of the way I write too. It’s part planning things out and part winging it. The winging it seems to be when the magic happens, and the work gains that je ne sais quoi that brings it to life.

What projects have you been working on over the summer? Do you use a mix of planning and winging it in your work too?


2 responses to “Adventures in Art: Sail Away

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Planning plus winging it is pretty much my modus operandi. Sometimes my stories go pretty much as I expect them to, other times something goes awry (it can be as small a thing as one character doing something unexpected), and other times my plan is pretty loose to begin with. Orson Welles said once that every time he set out to make a movie he started with a plan. He always ended up throwing it out and doing something else (often for money reasons), but he always made it.

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