A Little Piece of History: Abraham Lincoln

I love old things. The smell of old books, the architecture of old buildings, the creak of old furniture. There’s something special about touching the past. Which means that I was especially excited when my sister-in-law brought over an old newspaper.

A family friend had let her borrow some old newspapers that a great-grandmother had kept in an attic. Among the delicate pages was an unexpected surprise.

Abe Lincoln newspaper

This article is from May 26, 1860: when Lincoln was still a nominee for president. It was filled not only with his political views but also a full description of his appearance. Certainly not the sort of article you read now. (The flourish of yellow journalism hadn’t left its stain on the industry yet.)

As I touched the pages, I wondered who else had read them, what they thought about the election, what their daily lives were like. And I wondered if they had any idea that someone else would be in awe of this piece of history 157 years later.

Do you like historical objects? What’s the most interesting historical artifact you’ve seen?


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