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Lasagna (A Poem)


Making lasagna reminds me of you.
Layers of pasta, cheese, sauce, memories
of filling my husband’s lunchbox with slices,
the biggest piece always promised to you.
You never told my grandmother, just hid the sandwich,
banana, chips in your desk for another day.
I reveled in our little secret and your thanks.
Now I arrange each layer and remember
and am thankful that goodbyes aren’t really the end.

A Little Piece of History: Abraham Lincoln

I love old things. The smell of old books, the architecture of old buildings, the creak of old furniture. There’s something special about touching the past. Which means that I was especially excited when my sister-in-law brought over an old newspaper.

A family friend had let her borrow some old newspapers that a great-grandmother had kept in an attic. Among the delicate pages was an unexpected surprise.

Abe Lincoln newspaper

This article is from May 26, 1860: when Lincoln was still a nominee for president. It was filled not only with his political views but also a full description of his appearance. Certainly not the sort of article you read now. (The flourish of yellow journalism hadn’t left its stain on the industry yet.)

As I touched the pages, I wondered who else had read them, what they thought about the election, what their daily lives were like. And I wondered if they had any idea that someone else would be in awe of this piece of history 157 years later.

Do you like historical objects? What’s the most interesting historical artifact you’ve seen?

The Next Chapter

Life has been a whirlwind this summer. I’ve felt inconsistent in everything: writing, blogging, planning for the school year, housework… You name it, I feel like I’ve been shortchanging it. But it’s because something else has been taking up my time and energy.

After years of trying, we’re finally having a baby!

Those words still don’t seem quite real, and even the most carefully chosen words could never express how grateful I am. April’s A-Z Challenge: Negative is my story. One that so many other couples share. One filled with heartache and hope. One that has finally reached the next chapter.

Before you worry, this isn’t about to turn into a baby blog. But it does mean I’m planning on a new posting schedule — one I hope to keep up consistently from here on out. So keep an eye out on Tuesdays and Fridays for new posts… and maybe a special one in between here and there.

So, with that said, until Friday!



Stranded on the beach,
the jellyfish bakes in the sun,
washed up at high tide
with no way to return.

As a side note, the most unusual thing about this jellyfish (and the dozen others that washed up along with it) is that there were no tentacles. I came to the conclusion after looking at it from a safe distance and then poking it with a shell.

The conclusion was confirmed, though, when a little girl (who clearly had no jellyfish experience) grabbed it with her bare hands like it was a shell and carried it over to her parents. They were too far away for me to see if she kept it in her bucket or not, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised either way.

Adventures in Art: Sail Away

It’s been much too long since the last painting. After several busy weekends, I finally found some time to grab my basket of supplies from the closet and choose a new lesson in the painting book.

WP_20170703_09_21_55_Pro (2)

This lesson focused on creating reflections. Looking at the final product in the book, it seemed like a difficult task, but the instructions took everything slowly enough that it wasn’t hard to grasp what to do next. That’s one thing I’ve really liked about it.

One of the most important things about the reflection is actually repeating the same colors and shapes in the water. While that wasn’t too tricky with the sails, it was when it came to the hull of the ship. I went back over it a few times before finding the right mix.

That’s one of the fun things about painting, though, and it makes me think of the way I write too. It’s part planning things out and part winging it. The winging it seems to be when the magic happens, and the work gains that je ne sais quoi that brings it to life.

What projects have you been working on over the summer? Do you use a mix of planning and winging it in your work too?

The Cat Life: Kitty Facepalms

Life with the cat is always an adventure. Now that he’s two and a half, he sometimes is less spunky kitten and more like a teenager. Cats really do have a lot of personality. It’s hilarious.

It can basically be summed up in a picture I took of him the other day…


Is it really bad when you get a kitty facepalm?

At least I know he still loves me anyways.

Do you have pets? What kinds of personalities do they have? Has your pet ever given you a facepalm too?

The Playhouse: An Update

One week later, the playhouse still sits on the side of the road, forlorn and forgotten.

Cars rush by, too busy to see its sorrow as it awaits its fate. Will it sit on the side of the road forever, until the plastic turns brittle and crumbles under the oppressive summer sun? Will someone eventually take it home, try to put the pieces back together, show it the love it hoped for in the first place? Will it find its way into the nearby woods, destined to become a home for raccoons?

Only time will tell.