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A-Z Challenge: Xenomania (A Poem)

Quiet dinner with my husband
on a perfect spring evening.
We sit along the sidewalk
to people watch over soup.
He refills drinks inside and I watch
the girls at the next table.
Over the chatter, familiar sounds
catch my ears. I listen carefully
to the melodic French flitting
between them and try
not to make eye contact.
One is disgusted with a Facebook post,
the other agrees. All the while,
I smile. I wonder if they guess
that the girl sitting at the next table
actually knows what they’re saying.

A-Z Challenge: Vacation (A Poem)

Dreams of white sand beaches
and foggy mountain peaks,
bustling ancient cities
and bistro table-lined streets,
silent ruins filled with stories
and gardens bustling with life,
as I sit in front of a computer
waiting for summer to come.

A-Z Challenge: Unfinished (A Poem)

Unfinished stories lay everywhere,
in notebooks, on the computer, in my mind.
So many ideas brewing like a cup
of Darjeeling, until the flavor
is just right. Stories are like
fine wine that grows better with age.
So many lay unfinished now, but
at just the right time, they will come to life.

A-Z Challenge: Tea (A Poem)


Hot tea warms everything
Hands, soul, imagination
Sweet soother filled with
Spices, a touch of honey, memories
Perfect companion for
Peaceful afternoons.

A-Z Challenge: Silence (And Happy Impossible Astronaut Day!)

Tally marks drawn on
Arms, hands, faces, everything
Where did they come from?


Happy Impossible Astronaut Day!

Today, Whovians around the world draw tally marks on themselves to commemorate the airing arguably one of the best episodes. Why? Well, because of the Silence and the tally marks that the characters in the show draw on themselves to remember.

It’s complicated to explain without watching the episode (entitled, appropriately, “The Impossible Astronaut”), so my recommendation is to check out season 6 of Dr. Who. Or read the spoilers, I suppose.

A-Z Challenge: Quilt

Imperfect squares stitched
into imperfect strips.
All I saw was a mess,
a tattered, hopeless rag.
But you saw the beauty
in the imperfections,
the signature of inexperienced hands,
effort filled with love.
It is your love for me
and my love for you
that makes it truly beautiful.

A-Z Challenge: Paper

Blank and eager
a world of possibilities
waiting to come to life.
With uncapped pen,
I spill my soul
on the page.
Who knows what
will come out.