About S.B. Roberts

“You can never get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
CS Lewis

I was born into stories.

My namesake was a Welsh daughter in a dusty novel forgotten on a library shelf. My childhood games involved fairies and princesses and princes who saved the kingdom.

Then I grew up and stayed old enough for fairy tales, stories, and imagination.

Now, as a blissfully married mom, I am always immersed in words, while teaching high school French, reading in my spare time, and writing fantasy novels, short stories, and blog posts.

I read stories. I write stories. I am a character in an Epic.

9 thoughts on “About S.B. Roberts

  1. Hey, Bryna, thanks for sharing your blog and blog award with me and for reading mine! I’m still new to the blog world myself so if my etiquette ain’t so good, you know why!

    I like your idea that you are a character in an epic — THE utlimate epic, I am guessing. I have a small part in that one as well! ;o)

    Love ya

    1. Colleen, it’s been my pleasure! I love reading your perspective on life. : ) Yes, definitely the ultimate epic. Can you tell I read too many books by John Eldredge?
      Love ya!

  2. hi there! i keep seeing you “peeking” on CB and bonnie’s blogs, so i thought i’d come on over and check you out. :D
    love the gravatar!
    i’ve enjoyed reading so far and can’t wait to get through more of your posts!

    1. Hi! I’ve noticed you as well, and I’m glad we’ve finally met! I love the little bit of your blog that I’ve seen so far as well. Looking forward to reading more. I love meeting other writers and dreamers. :)

    1. Thanks for the invite, Kristen! I’m delighted to be part of it! (By the way, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading Wentworth’s reaction your editing work. Sounds like you’ve done an incredible job! :) )

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