A-Z Challenge: Rings (A Painting)


It’s been too long since the last painting. Fortunately, this afternoon has been a lazy one, so I’ve finally been able to create something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

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A-Z Challenge: Quilt

Imperfect squares stitched
into imperfect strips.
All I saw was a mess,
a tattered, hopeless rag.
But you saw the beauty
in the imperfections,
the signature of inexperienced hands,
effort filled with love.
It is your love for me
and my love for you
that makes it truly beautiful.

A-Z Challenge: Paper

Blank and eager
a world of possibilities
waiting to come to life.
With uncapped pen,
I spill my soul
on the page.
Who knows what
will come out.

A-Z Challenge: Ocean


Emerald waves fold
like a train
under Venus’ girdle.
all admire her beauty
in the stillness of morning.

A-Z Challenge: Negative

Negative. She sits on the stair, still holding the phone as the nurse’s words soak in. Her heart is bombarded with feelings that only come out as tears. After all this time… She takes a deep breath, wipes the tears away, and begins mustering hope for next month’s attempt.

A-Z Challenge: Monday

Haiku Day is here
Creative juices flow
My day in poetry

Warm bed, snuggled up
Alarm breaks the silence
Snooze one more time

Discuss coming meeting
Students come with questions
What were we talking about?

A shadow follows me
Rubs against the fridge, purrs
Begs for some more food

Blood moon rises
Hard fought shrine blazes to life
Challenge still waits inside

Catch up on posts
Count the remaining posts
Brainstorm the next one

A-Z Challenge: Late

Glance down at the clock.
Realize it’s already
past time. Where did
the minutes go? Hurry
to grab purse, keys, phone
and wish I had
transporter to get
there faster.

It’s hard to get ahead on Easter weekend, so it’s a day late and a dollar short, but it’s here.