The Fall Stirring

There’s something magical about the fall. Perhaps it’s the sun’s golden hue, or the sweet allure of pumpkin, or the promise of cooler temperatures (even though it currently still feels like summer). Whatever it is, it always makes my imagination feel more alive. And it always gets me in the mood to write in November, whether I actually have time to participate in NaNoWriMo or not.

This year, time isn’t on my side, and I won’t sign up to write 50,000 at the last minute. My growing belly is a good reminder that rest and satiating nesting instincts needs to come first, not writing 1,667 words a day. There will be plenty of time for that next year.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have intentions of being more intentional about writing. Lately, I’ve slacked. While much of the world slowed down earlier this year and over the summer, my job only became more busy, ensuring that teachers were equipped to roll with the punches. Now, everyone has settled into a more normal routine, and I have more time to write again. I need to take advantage of it before the sleepless nights begin.

Even though I’m not technically participating in NaNoWriMo this year, I have been enjoying their prompts on Instagram. It’s been a welcome companion for my first novel, which is ready for some structural changes. Who knows where the changes will go.

What writing projects are you working on right now? Does the fall stir your creativity too?

Happy First Day of Autumn

The first day of autumn has finally come, and not a moment too soon. It’s been a rough summer here (in more than just the weather), and I’m glad for a new season. Perhaps this is the start of a new season in life, not just a much-needed breath of cooler air accompanied by pumpkin everything.

Fall has long been my favorite season. Where I live, any relief from the heat is a welcome one (until February, when I remember how much I miss 90 degrees and 100% humidity).

A changing tree amid the evergreens
A changing tree amid the evergreens

It starts as a cool hint in an evening or morning breeze, when the sun is barely to the horizon. Then the coolness creeps further and further into the day, until the thermostat stops hitting 90. All the while, the sky turns more and more vividly blue, down to the usually hazy horizon. Finally, a chance to wear those cute boots I own but hardly wear to avoid sweating. And the scarves. I love the scarves.

Today also happens to be Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday, according to The Fellowship of the Ring. Just in case the first day of autumn itself isn’t reason enough to celebrate.

What’s your favorite season?

Fall Garden Time

I’ve often been told that I’m like a hobbit. Maybe it’s my height or my largish feet or that I eat 5-6 small meals a day (and call them second breakfast, elevensies, and afternoon tea…). Or maybe it’s because I love peace and quiet and good tilled earth.

I suppose that I feel most hobbittish on weekends like this, when we plant a fresh garden. In my part of the world, nothing grows in the middle of summer (and thank God because it’s blisteringly hot and suffocatingly humid), but we do have a second shot at planting once the heat of summer finally begins to subside.

This weekend was it. We bought plants, seeds, fresh Miracle Grow dirt, and some timbers for this year’s expansion.

Here’s the results of our work so far:

Love the smell of freshly tilled dirt and new plants
Love the smell of freshly tilled dirt and new plants

The same three-year-old rosemary plant anchors the edge of the original garden. Some cherry tomato plants and radishes share its box.

In the new box, there’s two bell pepper plants, cucumbers, and green beans. They’re all new ventures (or ones that have never succeeded before), so we’ll see how that goes…

Do you enjoy gardening? Planning to plant anything this fall?