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A-Z Challenge: Monday

Haiku Day is here
Creative juices flow
My day in poetry

Warm bed, snuggled up
Alarm breaks the silence
Snooze one more time

Discuss coming meeting
Students come with questions
What were we talking about?

A shadow follows me
Rubs against the fridge, purrs
Begs for some more food

Blood moon rises
Hard fought shrine blazes to life
Challenge still waits inside

Catch up on posts
Count the remaining posts
Brainstorm the next one


A Meteorlogical Haiku

I’m not much of a poet (in spite of my appreciation and enjoyment of poetry), but sometimes inspiration strikes. In this case, it struck during a thunderstorm thanks to a glitch on the local news affiliate’s website.

Inspiration for a haiku S.B. Roberts 2014

Inspiration for a haiku
S.B. Roberts 2014

A Meteorological Haiku

The clouds are broken.
Do poets now write weather
forecasts when it rains?

Do you write poetry?

If you wrote a haiku about your current weather conditions, what would it sound like?
(1st line: 5 syllables, 2nd line: 7 syllables, 3rd line: 5 syllables)