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Making Mondays Better: Star Wars Cat Videos

So evidently I’m a cat person now. My husband claims that I’ve always been one deep inside: they’re the perfect introvert pet, and I’m a serious introvert. My mom-in-law thinks it’s funny since I grew up with dogs but have completely taken to our kitten. My sister-in-law teases that I’m a crazy cat lady like her now… but I only have one. I can’t be that crazy, right? And now I watch the Simon’s Cat videos and laugh because I understand, not just because they’re funny.

All that to say, I’m taking the next step in being a cat person. I’m posting a cat video. But how can you beat a cat video that has to do with Star Wars?




My New Writing Buddy (Who Purrs)

The newest addition to our family: Monti!

The newest addition to our family!

Tiny orange striped, spotted blur

bounds up and down the steps

nestles in shoes, pounces laces

bats at feet and toys.


Big blue eyes grow heavy

cradle him in my arms

feel his contented purrs

sprawls on my lap.


Ears perked, watches me type

plays with the mouse

tiptoes across the keyboard

hops down to start again.

My new writing buddy

My new writing buddy

After years of passively contemplating adopting a pet, we fell in love with this six-week-old former stray. He’s a cuddler, always purring, just perfect for us.