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Adventures in Art: May the Fourth

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May the Fourth has come and gone, but this year’s will live on in a special way. Some friends, my husband, and I went to a Star Wars themed paint night and created our own Death Stars.

Looking at the sample when we arrived, I had a feeling that it would be challenging. And it was. I’m not so great with drawing straight lines with a pen or pencil. Creating them with a paintbrush? Let’s just say it’s a good thing that you can touch up.

Besides the straight lines, the other most difficult thing about this project was the size of the paintbrushes. I’m used to small brushes. My collection is almost entirely made up of them. Even when working on larger canvases at other paint nights before, all of the brushes have been on the smaller side. These were huge. Like three fingers wide huge. So adding the fine details was much more difficult than I expected. Needless to say, I’m tempted to do some touch ups now here at home.

One fun thing was the way that we added the stars. We were supposed to get the white paint heavily watered down and then flick it onto the canvas. My husband had that technique down. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t so great (which is why there are so few stars). I think I flicked more paint on my face and my husband’s painting than my own. :)

All in all, though, it was definitely fun and stretched my skills a bit. Next time, I think it’s back to the painting book to try out some new techniques.

How did you celebrate May the Fourth?


A-Z Challenge: Complete (and May the 4th Be with You!)

This year’s A-Z challenge was a different experience, but I liked it. Sometimes in the whirlwind of lesson plans, grades, and housework, it’s easy to forget about spending some time every day (or at least a every few days) to do something creative. This put the pressure on to make it happen, and I feel some fresh inspiration.

Speaking of creativity, tomorrow is Intergalactic Star Wars Day!

It’s always one of my favorite days of the year, but it’s especially fun this year. Not only do I get to traipse around school wearing an homage to Star Wars (after all, there is still a dress code), but some friends found a Star Wars themed paint night. A picture of that will be up Monday!

So now, back to our regular posting schedule and more creative things — painting, poetry, stories, and otherwise — to come!

And May the fourth be with you… always.

How did your A-Z Challenge go? And are you celebrating May the 4th?

May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy May the Fourth, everyone! It feels like it’s been forever since the last time I logged into WordPress. Almost a month, to be exact. I didn’t mean to fall off the blogosphere altogether in April.

Aprils are always hard with teaching, grading, keeping up with administrative work, etc. This time was the worst yet. I took on way too much this year, and it became very apparent this month. I didn’t realize how stressed I was until my dad stepped in with a mini-intervention. My husband had been telling me that I was overly stressed for the last couple weeks in March, but when my mental health therapist dad stepped in, I knew things were serious. So I stepped back from a lot of things and took a deep breath. Okay, a lot of deep breaths. But now that the fever pitch has died down, everything can go back to normal. (Which means I have a whole heap of great posts to catch up on!)

Just in time, too, since May the Fourth is one of my favorite holidays!

Every year, I wear my Star Wars best wherever I go. Today, it’s a shirt that one of my sweet middle schoolers bought me for Christmas and the traditional Leia buns. (The buns are impossible to resist.)


And what better way to add to the celebration than a Star Wars cat video?

So, expect the normal blogging schedule to return, and I’ll catch up on your posts soon!

May the Fourth be with you. Always.

May the Fourth Be with You (and an Anniversary)

Happy Intergalactic Star Wars Day! While it’s a huge deal for my friends, family, and me, I realized today that it’s literally been years since I posted about it here. Three years to be exact. I still don’t know how that could possibly be considering all of the hubbub that it causes around here.

After some shenanigans with our friends over the weekend, tonight will be filled with watching Star Wars (hopefully the original trilogy) and Mexican food with my parents and brother. At first, we thought it was a weird combination. Then a connection was made: both cultures have a cantina, right?

As for what to wear, a Star Wars shirt is essential. And since t-shirts with dressier clothes are in, I couldn’t resist:

Easiest way to dress up a Star Wars shirt. :)

Easiest way to dress up a Star Wars shirt. :)

DSC_3740 (Large)

And to top it all off…

Princess Leia buns!

Princess Leia buns!

So whether you celebrate with Mexican food and movies like us or opt for something else, have a wonderful Intergalactic Star Wars Day! And May the Fourth be with you!

Oh, and I nearly forgot, today is another momentous occasion. To my amusement, it’s WordPress that reminded me of it. It’s our bloggiversary. Five years ago, I started the Everyday Epic, not sure if I would stick with it. And here we are today. We’ve had our ups and downs, but it’s been a great five years together. Here’s to many more.