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Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year: Tolkien Reading Day!

Part of me regrets not spending every spare moment of the week on a Lord of the Rings marathon, but part of me feels that what I’ve been doing with my free time is just as appropriate.

It’s been hard to peel myself away from Breath of the Wild. Whenever I have a spare moment (and my husband isn’t playing it), I’ve been exploring the vast landscape and basically doing all I can to save the world one quest at a time. (Fortunately, the times when my husband is playing mean that my writing doesn’t completely suffer.)

However, such fantasy would never exist without Tolkien’s influence. I happened across a Newsweek article that said as much. (Check out “How J.R.R. Tolkien Redefined Fantasy Stories” here.) Tolkien didn’t invent fantasy, but his works defined the genre. It simply wouldn’t be what it is today without him. Which means that the game that I’m playing would be nothing like it is without him.

As usual, though, I’ll give pause to read my favorite passage (and likely more than that when it’s all said and done). There’s something so beautiful about the climax in The Return of the King, Book VI, in the last part of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4. After everything that the characters have endured, this is the moment that changes Middle-earth forever. (And for anyone who’s read The Silmarillion, you know just how long this conflict with Sauron has been going on.)

The Fall of Sauron

One of the best parts : )

So here’s to this year’s Tolkien Reading Day, the anniversary of the Fall of Sauron, and Tolkien’s lasting influence on our world.


Happy Birthday, Tolkien!

While several nerdy holidays are observed in our home, Tolkien’s birthday is one of my favorites. Many authors’ influences are woven into my writing style, but none have had such a profound effect as Tolkien.

Our usual way of celebrating?

Well, first, you have to let everyone know by wearing something apropos.

Smaug Outfit

Perfect day for the Smaug shirt for the premier of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Next, pick a very British dinner. On tonight’s menu: a roast with vegetables braised in ale with barley. (By the way, did you know that roasted radishes are one of the best things ever?)

Obviously, read/watch/listen to something Tolkien-related. Right now, I have the soundtracks for the films in the background, which will soon be followed up with a film… I could probably get away with The Hobbit since it’s short. : )

Most importantly, though, 9pm local time, the Tolkien Society hosts a toast in his honor. Customarily, you stand, raise your glass, say “The Professor,” and sip your drink in his honor. (If you’d like to officially post your toast, you can do so here. I did. : ) ) I’ll be enjoying a cup of Darjeeling for the occasion.

And, not to sound off-topic, but this and yesterday’s post have inspired me. I found a writing contest yesterday afternoon and entered the short story I’ve determined I need to seriously try to publish this year. I hope that Tolkien would be proud.

Well, off to start braising dinner.

To the Professor. Cheers!