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Making Mondays Better: Star Wars Cat Videos

So evidently I’m a cat person now. My husband claims that I’ve always been one deep inside: they’re the perfect introvert pet, and I’m a serious introvert.┬áMy mom-in-law thinks it’s funny since I grew up with dogs but have completely taken to our kitten. My sister-in-law teases that I’m a crazy cat lady like her now… but I only have one. I can’t be that crazy, right? And now I watch the Simon’s Cat videos and laugh because I understand, not just because they’re funny.

All that to say, I’m taking the next step in being a cat person. I’m posting a cat video. But how can you beat a cat video that has to do with Star Wars?




Just For Fun: “The Hobbit in 72 Seconds”

I had plans for a great post today, but it’s been a long, weird day. So, instead, here’s to something amusing: The Hobbit summarized in 72 seconds. With LEGO’s.

Warning: Video contains spoilers for The Hobbit (the book version). You’ve been duly warned.