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Reliving My Childhood: The Dark Crystal

As an adult, I realize that I grew up watching a lot of random things.  They certainly explain my love of sci-fi and fantasy, but some of the movies were pretty obscure.

One of my all time favorites is The Dark Crystal.  This Jim Henson gem’s cast is comprised of only puppets, and it was revolutionary. A couple of months ago, it made an appearance in theaters for its 35th anniversary, and my mom and I went to enjoy it on the big screen.

One of the best things about going to special showings like this is the commentary that usually accompanies them. Not only did we learn that the original cut didn’t feature much English (changing that was a good move), but also that there’s more to the story: there are two books about the world of Thra.

While I haven’t read either of them yet, I’m looking forward to learning more about a world I fell in love with so long ago. WP_20180407_14_28_17_Pro (2)

Are you familiar with The Dark Crystal? What are some of your favorite movies?




A Month of Geeky Holidays

It’s been longer than I intended since my last post, but here I am.

Since the last time, there have been several big holidays on the calendar. Obviously Easter, which is one of my favorites, but there are a couple geeky ones sprinkled throughout as well.

One of the best things about it this year is that I get to introduce them to my daughter. Yeah, she’s only a few months old so she won’t remember, but it will get her started on the right foot in life.

March 25: Tolkien Reading Day/The Anniversary of the Fall of Sauron

This has always been one of my favorites. It’s a great excuse to immerse myself into Tolkien’s works, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Of course, she has just the right onsie for the occasion. (I think my daughter was born to be a Hobbit, like me… though her build might make her look more like an Elf.)

WP_20180226_09_30_38_Pro (3)

… Or things that she always seems to be saying to me. 

April 5: First Contact Day

Yesterday is the future anniversary of the Vulcans’ arrival on Earth. (Sounds like something you could only say in Back to the Future.) While it’s another 45 years before they’re supposed to arrive, why not start celebrating now?


Always have to have some tea. Earl Grey. Hot. And this year, in a new mug from a friend. 


All Star Trek and all girl. 


What geekling bedroom is complete without Picard and Worf? 

Do you celebrate any geeky holidays? Did you do anything special for Tolkien Reading Day or First Contact Day?

Friday Fun: Movie Trailers Are Better with “Sabotage”

Last week (or was it the week before… I’m losing track), I watched the Solo trailer. Part of me is excited by it, and part of me is worried. Han Solo is such an iconic Star Wars character that it has to do him justice (unlike Episode VII, in my opinion) or it just won’t be any good. Might as well have made it about another character.

Regardless of how the movie turns out, though, there is one good thing that has definitely come from it: someone has recut the trailer and put it to the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.” Just in case it wasn’t great enough in Star Trek Beyond, it’s pretty awesome as the music for a movie trailer.

Of course, it’s been taken to the next level, so now there are trailers for Rogue One, Harry Potter, and The Jungle Book with it too. If you want to check them all out, click here. It’s a great way to round out the week.

Are you looking forward to the new Solo movie or are you unsure of it? If you could add “Sabotage” to another trailer, which one would you pick?

The Year I Almost Missed the Tolkien Birthday Toast

Every January 3rd, I spend more of the day than I should staring at the clock. School isn’t back in yet, which means I’m normally at home. Though there’s plenty of work to do, it’s easy to watch the clock and think about 9:00pm. What will I drink this year? How many minutes does it take to prepare? I have to ready right on time.

Since it fell on a Wednesday this year, we would be at church beforehand, but the timing would be perfect. We would be home in plenty of time, I would make my husband and myself a cup of tea (or maybe hot chocolate for him), and we would have the toast at home. It would be great.

Then reality hit. We got into the car and realized that everything had gone later than usual. We wouldn’t make it home in time. I would miss 9:00.

Though it’s a kind of silly tradition, my husband knows it’s important to me, so he had already thought of a plan B. There’s a Starbucks right on the way home. We swung in, ordered some hot chocolate, and were back in the car in time for the birthday toast.


It didn’t have the same sense of ceremony that Tolkien’s birthday toast normally does, but it still happened. And that’s what really matters.

Happy Birthday, Tolkien!

It’s that time again! Today is Tolkien’s 126th birthday!

I always like to pay homage to the author who influenced me the most (and who I enjoy the most). Fortunately, I’m working from home, which means it’s the perfect day for movie soundtracks and lots of tea. Decaffeinated, of course.

This evening is always my favorite part. At 9pm local time, fans around the world will participate in this year’s Birthday Toast “To the Professor.” I’ll be joining with some decaffeinated tea instead of the usual Darjeeling. It’s a great start to the New Year.


Are you planning on participating tonight? If so, what’s your drink of choice?

Happy (Belated) Hobbit Day!


Friday came and went faster than expected. While I didn’t get to my annual Hobbit Day post, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t celebrate!

Most years, Hobbit Day (Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday) is filled with everything Hobbit-related that you can imagine. This year was more subdued, thanks to the hurricane. In some ways, though, it felt very much like a typical Hobbit’s day.

I’m currently on a Hobbit’s eating schedule… and sometimes I feel like I have the appetite of one too. I understand why they prefer to spread their calorie intake out over six meals, though. It allows for plenty of variety throughout the day. The only downside: I think I need a bigger lunchbox to take on campus. Oh, and it confuses the cat when I’m home. Sorry, little guy, but you don’t get lunch at 9:30…

I added to my vegetable garden. Since it’s time for fall planting, could there be a more perfect day to spend some time in patches of freshly tilled earth?

Did you celebrate Hobbit Day? If so, what did you do?

Reading the Inklings: Getting Back on Track

Earlier this year, I decided to read something by as many of the Inklings as I could. It started off well (with Robert Harvard’s appendix in CS Lewis’ The Problem of Pain.) Then things derailed a little bit.

The end of the school year is always busy, especially when there’s curriculum to review for next year. Unfortunately, that put me off track on the book I had started: Lord Peter Views the Body by Dorothy Sayers.

According to the Kindle, I’m 11% in and was having a good time. Dorothy Sayers writes mysteries — a genre that has always intrigued me, but that I’m not particularly good at.

Clearly, all of the stories about Lord Peter (a detective of sorts) tie together, and I can tell that I’ve come in partway through a series. However, there’s still enough that I know what’s going on — even though I don’t have a full appreciation for the relationships between some of the reoccurring characters.

Now that I’m back to reading what I want to read, I’ll have an update on this book hopefully sooner rather than later.

What are you reading right now? Have you ever heard of Dorothy Sayers or read anything by her?