The Silmarillion Recaps

What began as reading The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien aloud to my husband has turned into a mini project.

The Silmarillion is a fantastic book, filled with the rich history of Middle-earth and its neighboring lands. It’s at least a must-try for any Tolkien fan. The trouble, though, is that it’s not the most accessible book. Often, I liken it to the Bible: there are so many characters and stories that work together to tell a greater tale, but it’s hard to understand if you’re not familiar with the characters.

That’s where the blog posts below come in. Whether you want to invest the time reading The Silmarillion yourself or you just want to learn some more about the history Tolkien created, the posts below have short, accessible recaps, highlighting the most important points. (Yes, there are spoilers. Sorry.)

Our newest book on the nightstand, waiting for evening to come
Our newest book on the nightstand, waiting for evening to come

Want to delve into The Silmarillion with me? Click on one of the links below.

The Silmarillion

Book 1: Ainulindalë – The Creation of Middle-earth

Book 2: Valaquenta – Introduction to the Valar and the Maiar (the spirits who create and care for Middle-earth)

Book 3: Quenta Silmarillion

Part I (Chapter 1) – Arda under construction (and Melkor plots trouble)

Part II (Chapters 2-3) – Creation of the Dwarves, arrival of the Elves, and trouble for Melkor

Part III (Chapters 3-4) – The great invitation (or, from the Valar, with love)

Part IV (Chapters 5-6) – Valinor or bust, and the early life of Fëanor

Part V (Chapter 7) – Creation of the Silmarils and Melkor’s banishment

Part VI (Chapter 8)  – Melkor’s revenge

Part VII (Chapter 9) – Fëanor and the Noldor: exiled and cursed

Part VIII (Chapter 10) – Meanwhile, in Middle-earth…

Part IX (Chapter 11) – Creation of the sun and moon

Part X (Chapter 12) – Arrival of Men (or, and then there were two)

Part XI (Chapter 13) – Fëanor vs. Morgoth/Melkor

Part XII (Chapter 13 cont.) – Fingolfin arrives and Fingon saves the day

Part XIII (Chapter 14-15) – Thingol finds out the rest of the story

Part XIV (Chapter 16) – Aredhel, Maeglin, and why no one should roam Middle-earth alone

Part XV (Chapter 17) – Elves meet Men

Part XVI (Chapter 18) – Dagor Bragollach and Morgoth’s revenge

Part XVII (Chapter 18 cont.) – Húrin and Huor (Part 1)

Part XVIII (Chapter 19) – Beren meets Luthien, a love story

Part XVIX (Chapter 19 cont.) – Beren and Finrod’s quest for Luthien

Part XX (Chapter 19 cont.) – Luthien saves the day (or hell hath no fury…)

Part XXI (Chapter 19 cont.) – Everybody hates Celegorm and Curufin

Part XXII (Chapter 19 cont.) – Luthien and Beren’s showdown with Morgoth

Part XXIII (Chapter 19 cont.) – Luthien and Beren’s fate

Part XXIV (Chapter 20) – War is in the air (again)

Part XXV (Chapter 20 cont.) – The War of Unnumbered Tears (Nirnaeth Arnoediad)

Part XXVI (Chapter 21) – Enter Turin

Part XXVII (Chapter 21 cont) – Why you may not want to be “friends” with Turin

Part XXVIII (Chapter 21 cont) – Reasons never to take malice-filled swords

Part XXIX (Chapter 21 cont) – Turin goes to Nargothrond

Part XXX (Chapter 21 cont) – Turin vs. Glaurung the Dragon

Part XXXI (Chapter 21 cont) – Turin’s doom (or that awkward moment when you marry your sister)

Part XXXII (Chapter 22) – The end of one of the greatest warriors, Hurin

Part XXXIII (Chapter 22 cont) – The end of one of the greatest warriors, Hurin (part 2)

Part XXXIV (Chapter 22 cont) – Thingol’s obsession (or the Silmarils cause another downfall)

Part XXXV (Chapter 22 cont) – Revenge of Feanor’s sons

Part XXXVI (Chapter 23) – Huor and Tuor (or more sons with rhyming names)

Part XXXVII (Chapter 23 cont) – Tuor comes to Gondolin

Part XXXVIII (Chapter 23 cont) -Huor + Idril = Earendil

Part XXXIX (Chapter 23 cont) -Farewell to Gondolin Part 1

Part XL (Chapter 23 cont) -Farewell to Gondolin Part 2

Part XLI (Chapter 23 cont) – Farewell to Gondolin Part 3 (and Tolkien Reading Day!)

Part XLII (Chapter 24) – The Beginning of Eärendil’s Adventures and the Trouble with Silmarils

Part XLIII (Chapter 24 cont) – Fëanor’s Sons Strike Back (or Onward to Valinor)

Part XLIV (Chapter 24 cont) – Welcome to Valinor

Part XLV (Chapter 24 cont) – Eärendil Meets His Goal (Or How to Win Friends and Influence the Valar)

Part XLVI (Chapter 24 cont) – Decisions, Decisions (for Eärendil and Elwing)

Part XLVII (Chapter 24 cont) – War of Wrath Part I (Gathering the Troops)

Part XLVIII (Chapter 24 cont) – War of Wrath Part II (To War!)

Part XLIX (Chapter 24 cont) – War of Wrath Part III (The Eagles Are Coming!)

Part L (Chapter 24 cont) – The Silmarils’ Final Resting Places (or the End of Fëanor’s Son’s Quest)

Part LI (Chapter 24 cont) – The End of an Age (and the Beginning of the Next Chapter)

Book 4: Akallabêth

Part I: Welcome to Akallabêth!

Part II: Welcome to Akallabêth! (Part II)

Part III: Elros, First King of Numenor

Part IV: House Rules (Made by the Valar)

Part V: Breeding Discontent in Numenor

Part VI: Death, Fear, and the Dark Lord (Or, Welcome Back, Sauron)

Part VII: Farewell to Elvish (Or How Adûnakhôr Brings the Dúnedain One Step Closer to the Edge)

Part VIII: Ar-Gimilzôr and the Dúnedain’s New Low (Or How to Get Under the Valar’s Skin)

Part IX: A Tale of Two Sons, Inziladûn and Gimilkhâd

Part X: Enter Tar-Pharazôn (Or Big Trouble on the Little Island)

Part XI: Tar-Pharazôn vs. Sauron (Or How the West Was Lost Part I)

Part XII: Flattery Works Every Time (Or Sauron in Numenor)

Part XIII: A Change in the Winds for Amandil

Part XIV: Isildur’s First Big Adventure

Part XV: One Step Closer to the Edge (or How Tar-Pharazôn Rivaled Morgoth Himself)

Part XVI: Amandil Saves the Day?

Part XVII: Pride Goes Before a Fall (Or Numenor’s Doom)

Part XVIII: The World Has Changed (Or Did This Just Become the Story of Noah?)

Part XIX: The End of an Age

 Book 5: Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age

Part I: How to Win Friends and Deceive Elves

Part II: If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put a Ring on It (or Sauron’s Remix)

Part III: You Get a Ring, and You Get a Ring, and You Get a Ring! (or Sauron’s Big Ring Giveaway)

Part IV: Welcome to Middle-earth (or Isildur and Co. Finally Arrive)

Part V: The Last Alliance

Part VI: Isildur’s Fate and the Beginning of the Third Age

Part VII: Farewell to the Glory Days

Part VIII: The Last King of Gondor

Part IX: The Journey’s End

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