Thanksgiving and Old Books

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! A short week so close to the end of the semester means tons of grading to do, and unfortunately, the paying job comes first. The good news, though: I’m back and plan on the usual posting schedule this week, and my writing buddy is here to help.

Only ten weeks old, but he always wants to help.

Only ten weeks old, but he always wants to help.

Around this time of year, my parents, brother, husband, and I always go on some adventure. Last year, it was Christmas lights and dinner in another part of the state. This year, we visited an old bookstore a few hours away. There’s nothing like squeezing into the car with them. (And it’s much more peaceful to be in such close quarters with my brother now that we’re adults.)

The winding bookstore was filled with shelves and shelves of books. Some were new, but we skipped over them in favor of the old. In one section, cases housed very old and autographed books. (I only drooled a little.) Everywhere else, fairly new books sat beside ones from the early 1900’s. Those are the ones I was most excited for. I love antiques, and antique books are a special treasure.

Though there were plenty that I would have gladly snatched up, I brought home these three.

Rudyard Kipling, O. Henry, and Lew Wallace

Rudyard Kipling, O. Henry, and Lew Wallace

Each is over a hundred years old, all from the very early 1900’s. And while I have no plans to drag them along to the gym to read on the treadmill, I do plan to savor them in my library with a large cup of Darjeeling.

Do you collect old books or other antiques? Have you come across any great finds lately?


8 responses to “Thanksgiving and Old Books

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    First I was going to say that I don’t collect any sorts of antiques, but then I realized that I sort of do, though it doesn’t involve any tangible objects.

    I’m a big fan of some radio programs from the 1940s (before I was born, I hasten to add :-) ). Mostly mysteries, natch. Pre-Web, I used to order them on cassettes, but now you can just download them for free. They’re all well out of copyright.

    I even have an Android app that shifts pitch, for shows that were recorded too fast or too slow.

    • S.B. Roberts

      That’s really cool! I haven’t heard any radio programs from the 40’s, but there were a few around in the 90’s that I used to listen to religiously. I wonder if there are still any radio programs like that anymore or if that medium is mostly a lost art because of how people and technology have changed?

  • Rebekah Loper

    A little over a year ago, I was at a sale that the largest used-bookstore in our area runs occasionally. Whenever their warehouse gets to overflowing, they have sales for $1 books. Doesn’t matter what the book is, if it’s there, it’s $1.

    I found a sweet little book on how to write short stories, from the early 1900s, and it had come from one of the local high school’s library way-back-when. I haven’t had a chance to actually read the book yet, but it has a proud spot on my shelf because it’s my love of so many different things combined into one. Old books, books in general, and writing. It really doesn’t get much better!

  • C.B. Wentworth

    What a wonderful adventure – complete with a treasure hunt! :-)

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